Bus worker solidarity

*NOTE* Following negotiations that have produced improved offers, London bus strikes scheduled for tomorrow have been suspended. #LondonBusStrike (23/03/2021)



Brent trades council were out in force to support the London Bus Strike on Wednesday 17th March at Park Royal (Park Royal Bus Depot, Atlas Road, London NW10)

The industrial action involves French-owned bus operator RATP and its three London subsidiaries; London United, Quality Line and London Sovereign. In the region of 2,000 bus drivers are involved in the dispute in total.

As Unite note, in an article on the action:

The dispute is a result of RATP seeking to use the Covid-19 pandemic as cover to slash the pay and conditions of drivers. The drivers face cuts in pay of £2,500 per annum, cutting pay to 2015 rates, with workers expected to work far longer for the lower pay rates.

We’ll be at the upcoming pickets mentioned below showing our solidarity with bus workers in their struggle.

  • Wednesday 24th March (suspended)
  • Wednesday 31st March (suspended)

Do join us on the picket line, and get in contact if able to support the Strike Fund in any way.

You can also read more about the dispute on the Unite website.

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